Name: Mr Lindsay Pickett
Email: lindzpicka340@gmail.com
Website: www.lindsaypickett.co.uk

Artist Statement / Biography
Lindsay Pickett MA Cglas

Lindsay Pickett’s work explores the theme of hybridity, entangling the socio-political issues relating to genetic experimentation with animals and a world of sci-fi fantasy. Half and half species become alienated or classified as different to an accompanying herd of animals. Alongside his concerns around animal experimentation, the artist embraces and communicates aspects of the psychological mindset of these hybrid animals, relating them to ideas of social rejection and absence where being different can cause alienation in the animal and human world. 

For Pickett, painting is a form of self-expression, allowing him to be himself not just as an artist, but also as a person. It gives him a voice to convey current concerns about the behaviour of elements of the human race.

Pickett has looked at and is influenced by a wide range of artists such as science fiction illustrators Wayne Barlowe, Roger Dean and Rodney Matthews, contemporary artists such as Charles Avery, John Stark, Kate Clark, Thomas Grunfeld and Richard Wathen. 

Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Brueghel. And 20thCentury surrealists Salvador Dali, Dorothea Tanning, Frida Kahlo and Rene Magritte also continue to inspire. 


Art Exhibitions

City and Guilds of London Art School, Barge House MA Fine Art Degree Show.
2020 LGM-1, The Function Suite, Stratford, London
2019 The Culthouse, off Brick Lane, London
2019 Modern Panic Show, Guerillazoo, Hanbury Street, Brick Lane, London
2019 MA First Year interim Degree Show, City and Guilds London Art School, London
2018 Modern Panic Show Guerillazoo, Hoxton, London
2018 Containerville Group Show, Bethnal Green, London
2018 Chrom Art Group, Show in ACTIU Showroom, Barbican, London
2018 Islington Art Factory, Group Show, London
2018 Solo Show, West Greenwich Library
2018 EWACC Award show, Award winner of Purple Roof Gallery Prize
2017 ACTIU Art group show, Barbican, London
2017 EWACC Art Show in Kyoto, Japan
2017 La “Reunion Arienne” Art is in The Air, Show
2016 Modern Panic, Guerillazoo Art Show, Brick Lane, London
2016 East West Artist Award La Galleria Pall Mall
2015 Hidden Treasure Art Magazine
East West Artist Award La Galleria Pall Mall
2014 ICA Contemporary Art New York Publication
2013 East-West Art Award 2013-Received 2nd Prize
2013 Studio Eleven Gallery, Southend, Kiss The Joy
2011 The Gallery in Cork Street. Children of Peace Charity Event.
2010 East-West Art Award 2013-Received 1st Grand Prize